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Does Jesus Have Divine Characteristic?

Assalamu alaykum Wr. Wb.

Dear brother and sister in Islam wherever you are (may Allah endow blessing). As His ummah, we have been granted the most amazing brain by Allah SWT. This brain makes us able to think, analyze and discover every single thing. Not only brain, Allah SWT also has sent down a guide through His Holy Book (Al Qur’an) and Prophet’s words (Al Hadist). This guide will show a salvation to us from any stupidity, misguidance and wrong way. This guide will direct us to be able in distinguishing which one is correct (haq) and which one is wrong (batil). This guide has a role as a thing that will prove virtue on earth and more happiness when we meet our God in the hereafter.

We have a God for worshipping, Allah SWT. It is He whom we seek refuge, beg for easy way of life, thank for the mercy, etc. It is He who has superiority over His creation. The Creator’s superiority is incomparable to the creation. Do we pay attention of what God we worship so far? Undoubtedly, the believers have known Allah’s characteristic based on Asma Wa Shifat which mentions that Allah is the most…, the most…, and the most… It means He is far much better than mankind, forever.

Christians worship, glorify, expect, and pray to the thing that they think it is a God. The God worshipped by them indeed has the same character to the worshippers themselves, whether it is in the appearance or habit. How can a man worship something which has same form and habit like he is? If there is a God having the same style like human, then where is God’s specialty? What makes it different from His followers? The following is a truth which describes and declares the misunderstanding, misperception, and miscomprehension of Christians’ attitude.

1. Does God Exist Through The Process of Being Born?

If Jesus is God, did he not exist previously and then become to exist through the process of being born by a mother’s fetus? Must God be created through the process of becoming blood, flesh, bones, and perfect shape like what Bible said:

“Concerning His Son, which is begotten through the flesh of David (Rome 1: 3)?

Those who have brain will suppose it as something illogical. Must the great God be born by women’s fetus and the place where the baby is born (vagina)? Verily, God is not like that and will never be like that. Allah SWT has said:

“He begets not, nor is He begotten.” (Al Ikhlas: 3)

So make it as your precious lesson o believers!!!

2. Is God Starving and Thirsty?

If Jesus is God, then tell me whether there is God who is hungry and look for food? If God feels hungry, then He must feel thirsty either, and also the desire to find water. Must God eat and drink like mankind? Bible has stated:

In the morning when He returned to the town, Jesus hungered.(Mathews 21: 18)

And also:

“The next day when Jesus and his twelve followers left Bethany, Jesus hungered.” (Marcus 11: 12)

Look at the other verse:

“Afterward, when Jesus knew everything is complete, He said: I thirst.” (John 19: 28)

Notice!!! The Greatest God is far away from such a thing. Those are human’s character of looking food and water. No verse in Al Qur’an explaining that Allah is hungry as well as thirsty, neither eat nor drink. Otherwise, Al Qur’an often describes human as the creature who commits it. Allah has stated:

“Allah also grows the trees of Zaytun out of Mount Sinai as the oil producers, and relish for those who use it for food.” (Al Mu’minun: 20)

Eat what they catch for you.” (Al Maidah: 4)

The food of People of the Book is permissible for you, and your food is permissible for them.” (Al Maidah: 5)

As a muslim, we believe that Prophet Isa as a messenger. He is a human who needs food. Allah stated:

Isa Al Masih is the son of Maryam was no more than a messenger, many were the messengers that passed away before him. His mother was a woman of truth. They had both eat their daily food.” (Al Maidah: 75)

Allah The Most High needs no food, it shows His Dominance as He who never feel sick nor undergo a death. He is the food maker. Allah said:

It is Allah who cause the seed grain and the date stone to split and sprout.” (Al An’am: 95)

Have you seen the truth o those who have knowledge and heart?

3. Does God Feel Drowsy And Need To Sleep?

God, as we know, is The Most Powerful and The Most Omnipotent of all. Strong and Perfect. He needs no rest time and sleep to recover His strength. If Jesus does a God, why was he sleep? Why was he equal to human who needs sleepy time? Bible stated:

“At that time Jesus was sleeping on the deck of the ship.” (Marcus 4: 38)

It is really inappropriate to be referred to God. Allah has stated:

“Allah, there is no God but He, the Living, the Self subsisting, Supporter of all. No slumber can seize him nor sleep. (Al Baqarah: 255)

Correct!!! No sleep and no sleepy activities. Allah has proven the truth from His Revelation.

4. Does God Cry Like We Are?

Whenever you call Jesus as God, does it mean he feels sad and cry for suffering an affliction? Did Jesus’ heart feel touched by something making him to cry? Bible said:

Jesus wept. (John 11: 35)

Yes!!! He cried like human. And take note o believers: God never cries!!! If any of you ask about the shortest verse in the bible, then the answer is that verse.

Al Quran never mentions that Allah cries because of something. On the other hands, Allah explains that He has no human character and He cannot be compared. He said:

“And no one is equal unto Him.” (Al Ikhlas 4)

Wake up and revive soon from your long sleep!!!

5. Is God Knowledge Limited?

Again, if Jesus is God, why is there something he hasn’t known? Why is his knowledge limited? Consider what Bible said:

“From a long distance Jesus saw a fig tree consisting enormous leaves therein. He came to it in order to find something he will get from the tree. When he was there, he found nothing but leaves, obviously it wasn’t the moment of fig tree produces fruit.” (Marcus 11: 13)

What is weird from the verse above? It is that Jesus doesn’t know when the fig tree grows fruits. If he is God, he surely knows the exact time and his knowledge is unlimited. In fact, Jesus knows not when it produces food for consuming so he doesn’t get what he is looking for. This is contradictory to God’s character as The Most Omniscient. Allah said:

“Muhammad said: Allah is my Lord who knows every words in the world and in the heaven. The All Hearing, The Omniscient.” (Al Anbiya: 4)

And also:

“Verily, your God is He as The Creator, The All Knower.” (Al Hijr: 86)

The above verses are clear to prove that Allah is The Omniscient. In this instance, there is a sign of His Authority to anyone who believes.

6. Can God Be Tempted By Satan?

The Omnipotent God can’t be tempted by His creation. God creates creature; human, animal, jinn (spirit/ghost/evil), rock, plant, etc. Is The Greatest God able to be tempted by satan? No way!!! Consider the oddity represented by Bible below:

“Soon, The Holy Spirit lead Jesus to the wasteland. He stayed there for 40 days and got tempted by satan.” (Marcus 1: 12-13)

Jesus claimed as God was tempted by the cursed devil in the wasteland. What kind of God can be tempted by devil? Where is God’s strength and his power? Mankind is the only creature can be tempted and befooled by satan so he fall to the sinful deed. For disbelievers, this is the clearest evidence to distinguish the good and bad. The glorified Holy Qur’an shows that Allah is undefeatable. More over, the satan or jinn itself who is extremely afraid of Him. Allah stated:

We (jinn) won’t be able to free ourselves from His Authority on earth nor we able to run away from Him.” (Al Jinn: 12)

Allah is the most correct one according the explanation in His Scripture. The jinn feel they will get horrible chastisement if they deny their God. Open your eyes widely o the truth seeker!!!

Finally, where are we? We have realized what God worshipped by Christians. Very clear concerning to our God The Oneness. The distinction is so comprehensible and clear. It can be seen clearly without microscope. It can be seen clearly like the shining moon shines shiny in the middle of the dark night. And I ask Allah to protect us from the straying comprehension of infidels. Allah is sufficient to be the protector…

Wassalamu alaykum, Wr. Wb.


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