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Bible Has Predicted The Coming Of Muhammad SAW

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful.

Before discussing many things, let’s quote what Bible said:

“A prophet will be resurrected by Me for them among their brotherhood, like unto thee (Musa). I put My word in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command.” (Revision 18: 18)

The above verse proclaims the coming of God’s messenger for human. See the phrase ”like unto thee”. The word thee refers to Musa a.s. The meaning of forecasting is Jesus will come to replace the position of Musa as God’s messenger. Although the word Jesus isn’t mentioned in that verse, Christians believe that the Messenger who will come as the substitute of Musa is Jesus (Isa).


The word ”like unto thee” shows the similitude between Jesus and Musa. What similarity does the Bible mean?

  1. Musa was Jews, Yesus was also Jews.
  2. Musa was a God’s messenger, Yesus was also  God’s messenger.

Those two points seem reasonable, but consider the distinction between Jesus and Musa according to the Christians’ perspective themselves:

  1. Jesus is God but Musa is a The Messenger (not a God).
  2. Jesus died to clean sins of people in the world, but Musa didn’t do that.
  3. Jesus went to the inferno for three days, but Musa didn’t do that.

How? Is it obvious regarding the difference between Musa and Jesus? For those who was brain and they use their knowledge, that goes without saying that both of them are distinct. Then the phrase ”like unto thee” isn’t suitable to be referred to Jesus. But this prediction is more appropriate to be told to Prophet Muhammad SAW. So, what is similarity between Musa and Muhammad? Check this point below:

  1. Musa had a father and a mother, Muhammad also had a father and a mother. Jesus (Isa) had only a mother, her name was Maryam, or people often call her as Mary.
  2. Either Musa or Muhammad was born normally through the process of sperm and ovum. Jesus was born in a special manner, the fetus in Mary was blown by Holy Spirit. Bible stated when Mary said: “How can I undergo it (pregnancy) while I have got no husband at all? Angel answered, ‘Holy Spirit will come to you as The Power of Allah The Most High…’” (Lucas 1: 34-35)
  3. Both Musa and Muhammad had family; having a wife and children. Meanwhile, Jesus kept being a single during his life.
  4. Either Musa or Muhammad was accepted by their followers as the Messenger. Muhammad SAW when he was in the epoch of Mecca, he was suffered, but in the epoch of Medina, he got many followers and even Islam was in the top of glory. This matter is so much different to Jesus who was rejected by people. The Bile stated: “Jesus came to people belonged to God, but those people didn’t accept him.” (John 1: 11)
  5. Musa and Muhammad were prophets and had authority. Being a prophet means he is God’s messenger, whereas someone who has authority means he has dominance to implement and determine punishment and regulation. If any of people was judged as guilty one, Musa or Muhammad will decide and force punishment for him. Jesus, although he was God’s messenger, was the son of God and not a prophet based on Christians’ point of view. He had no authority in the world because the people refused his teaching. He conveyed his religious propagation consisting of warning, happiness, and punishment. Eventhough a regulation was in his hand, he still couldn’t force it to be applied, he was powerless. As for Jesus’ dominance, Bible has stated: ”Jesus said: ’My kingdom isn’t from this world…’” (John 18: 36), the meaning is, he has a kingdom in the other world not in this world.
  6. Musa and Muhammad brought a new regulation (law) of God. Musa brought Taurat (10 God’s commandment) and Muhammad brought Al Qur’an and Al Hadist. Unfortunately, Jesus didn’t come as the bringer of new regulation. Bible stated that Jesus said: ”Don’t think that I come to get rid of the law of Taurat or to eliminate the scripture of previous prophets. I come not for doing that, but for completing it. I said to you: ‘As long as the earth and heaven doesn’t disappear, nothing will be erased from Taurat’s law before that happened even a dot.’ ” (Mathews 5: 17-18)
  7. Musa and Muhammad underwent a death normally, growing up until so old and weak. What about Jesus? Christians are sure he was murdered in the cross.
  8. Musa and Muhammad died and their bodies are lying down in the earth. Jesus died and his place is in heaven.

The eight points are obvious statements about Muhammad SAW as the one who has similarity with Musa. It can be concluded that the verse of Bible has predicted the savior not Jesus, but the Messenger of Allah’s revelation and the best person on earth, Muhammad SAW. O people who has gone astray too far, come back to the straight way. Islam is the only one religion, Allah SWT said: ”The religion before Allah is Islam” (Ali Imran: 19). All compliments are due to Allah who shows us the straight way and proves the truth from the miscomprehension of Christians. Allah is the strongest protector…

Wassalamu alaykum, Wr. Wb.


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